Pretty happy faces


These pretty happy faces in the above picture are captured at “kandrakota” (East Godavari) on the way back home from kandrakota temple. 

Me and my mother saw these little kids playing. I wanted to capture one of them so I asked one of them permission to click his picture. Listening to me talking to him. Everyone came towards me rushing and asked to click pictures of everyone. I felt so cute seeing them. They all sat quietly laughing at each other. A boy out of excitement rushed before clicking a picture and said ” I will bring another friend of mine”  ran to his house and brought his other little friend. After a while they asked me why I was capturing them, I them told just for memory you people reminds me of my childhood listening to that they shared about many little things, having conversations one after the other  in no time we became friends too.

My mother who went on having conversation with these kids on the way back home shared many of her childhood memories and experiences she had. I had a beautiful time with these kids, Now whenever I look at this picture it reminds me of my childhood.

The best part of my childhood is vacations(summer holidays) as we use to stay in Hyderabad. For every summer vacation we use to visit our native Andhra Pradesh. The best thing me and my sister are so excited about is travelling. Firstly Me and my sister use to complete all our summer homework within one day. (The fun part is that the homework includes to write everyday summer journal we both use to sit whole day and Use to complete  everyday journal within one day). Then after use collect all the money we  saved together and buy all chocolates and snacks to eat. As kids though we are not morning people yet we used to excitedly wake up at 3am to catch the train. Lifting heavy luggage and travelling in  all time busy train is the biggest task for us. As kids me and my sister always used to fight for the window seat. After reaching the hometown, we used to spend all the holidays playing different games, watching cartoons, travelling to different temples and eating seasonal fruits. At the end of our holidays we used to cry to leave our hometown and return back. Now recalling those all little things,  I am so grateful for those memories.

I feel childhood is the best phase in everyone’s life where there is no burden of responsibility, We lived in our own world with all the fun.

“It’s never too late to have a happy childhood and Enjoy the little things, One day you may look back and realize they were the big things”

Thanks! To these little kids for letting me capture their picture and for always reminding me of my childhood whenever I look at this capture.


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One thought on “Pretty happy faces”

  1. It was like going on a train of my memories reading, as I went back to those good old golden days imagining how happy I was in my childhood and how I spent my time in vacations going to my grand parents place.
    Lovely writing❤️❤️

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