How Am I Different

-Suchithra Pillai

Who am I

Some called me princess

Took me in their arms

And the world looked so phenomenal

With caring cuddles and hugs

I was pampered with love

With all desires fulfilled

The birth was magical

As the time flew by

There was something beyond intellect

They told it was pre decided

My way to live was pre written

The way to walk, to dress

To mingle in social circles

The mannerisms, behaviours

Everything started having boundaries

My look-alikes in legends were powerful goddesses

With power to conquer everything

But it was nowhere to be seen 

In this so called perfect world

I saw my counterparts struggle 

Fighting for their share

But I wondered in awe 

Why to prove, when the world is also ours

Some said it was needed

For some it was the only hope

All pondered on the same notion

They said it was a one-sided world

Held by strong clutches

Waves of violence ready to pounce on

All eyes were on us

As we were meant to be scrutinised

What should I call this sudden change

From princess to caged parrot

As a piece of beauty I stood

Just as a showpiece to touch, enjoy and throw

To the world, let me ask you

What way am I different from you

I breathe the same air, live in the same earth

Then why am I different for you

Let me know, O so-called superior sex

How do you justify the change

As I still wonder in awe

Let me know, who am I

The day won’t be far away

When we will stand together

May be to give you the answer

The might would surprise you 

And you would bear the pain

Asking us back with fear

Who am I and who are we.


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