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Children like to see cartoons, fairy tales, animated movies and gimmicks happening. They love and enjoy fiction, stories, miracles, magic shows and so on. 

So, we can largely conclude that they admire a dream world and expect the same in the real world. They also have that unseen strength and enthusiasm which can be tapped into the right or wrong direction.  So, it is very important to see that their energies are tapped in the right direction. 

As parents, if we plan to understand their strength, we can take them very close to the fantasy world. 

I mean, we can ensure what they should achieve, lay a proper path for them to excel. 

Children who are encouraged with the right kind of positive strokes will achieve their targets very easily. There is every need to do this regular exercise with our kids. Also, this generation young parents need to be more structured and planned to rare their kids. If the parents themselves are unorganised, it is sure to destroy the next generation kids. So a serious thought on this matter is very important in today’s world. 

As parents, we need to enter into agreement points to get the work done by them. Give those targets, responsibility and mileage points. 

Create and carefully arrange, day wise work sheets to plan studies and other activities of your kids.  

This way, we need not bring them away from the fantasy world. We can take the examples of the characters in their dream world, show them the limitations of the real world and encourage them to be more practical. 

It is possible if the parent enthusiastically works with the child.

Childhood is very precious. Ensure to nurture the right habits and mould the child’s future into his real dream world.


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9 thoughts on “Need of the hour -18”

  1. A very good message to the young parents .Parenting is a very challenging job and such articles will surely create awareness in them .

  2. It’s a great thought provoking article. Indeed, it’s the need of the hour, especially in this current WFH situation where parents are glued to their Laptops & kids onto their favourite cartoon shows.

  3. It is an eye opener for all the parents. By giving birth we are becoming parents not by heart. The poor soul is tortured with the frustrations and expectations of the parents.
    Parents forget that the child is unexperienced and immature, but the parents treat them so, expecting a lot from them. They forget that from that moment a higher responsibility emerges for them. Every parent needs to be sensitive towards the innosense, fantacies, and the major need of love and affection.

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