War a hearts ravage-13

English Translation: P. Jayalakshmi & Bhargavi Rao

Telugu Original : “Yuddham oka Gunde Kotha” by Seela Subhadra Devi


Weave our sorrow, our anger, our nobility

into three stranded weave–

confluence of a river;

come change its course in our direction!

At least then, quickened fires quaffed, will calm.

Lay out sorrow’d hearts on consecrated fire pits

allow holy fire to burn within itself,

flames burning, burning element itself.

Controlling pressure of heart’s burn

to a long expiration 

exhaling, blow to go aflame.

Burning in a moment’s frenzy, is no doubt easy.

O frenzied blaze of battle!

We are mothers!

Withstanding radiation affecting us

applying cool balm, we soothe and comfort

our aim, only to alleviate pain!


Violence and counter violence

hatred and vengeance,

those shaking with enmity

how savour mother’s love?

Mouth smelling of war, rotten and ulcerous

how wash down innocent children’s prattle?

Heady mix of moves and counter moves

grown into long tresses,

how can wife’s affectionate balm of love

work to bring down burden of life?

How can they sleep until

babble of war fever

is heard through the world?

Till democracy is sacrificed to war’s wicked forces 

for wicked strength, to become a despot, 

as a terrible hood of shade

pervade whole atmosphere,

till quaff your thirst

with blood of dove of peace

ambling somewhere,

where is respite till strength of Ananda,

knowledge understood or known

are pounded to powdery dust?

Worshippers of malign powers….                       

maddened and possessed of war

how bring awakening in them?


You at least think!

Without plaguing us,

taking them into your embrace

amicably cajoling

feeding spoonful thoughts on equality,

if you can make them

forget war games!


We bore them as babes.

Let us see they don’t turn blood thirsty

let not murderous conditions be re-created

let go golden future  once again

cause mortal strikes to existence

pay mighty price for mighty ruins!



nations tossed, are in tempestuous battles;

vortex of conflicts rolling up familial values.

Nations afflicted, war jaundiced

are readying weapons.

Now therapeutics are no use.

On one hand—

fumes of mass destructive weapons burn the eyes

on another – 

with streaming wandering free, war worms 

nations are pulsating.

Strength of mind or body not required of nations, now.

Urgent need is of healing balm of fellow feeling.


(To be continued-)

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