Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


The Convent Bus

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: RS Sudarshanam

With noisy activity the kids rush into the schoolhouse.

Likewise little words hasten into my thought.

Moments later they quietly stand in a row

To say the prayer.

Oh, the little ones do make such poetry!

My heart is thrilled with joy.

When I am afloat on that intoxication happily,

Memory holding my little finger

Walks into my childhood,

And then runs along with a hill-stream.

A bright-coloured picture on porcelain,

In close proximity, the imperial grandeur of innocence

Flutters in a wave-like vision.

When the school-bell rings

Rabbits-in-uniform disperse

To turn into lessons on the class-room benches

Then I cover my vision with a blue veil

And I remained in an unfinished poem.

Of an evening, where the four roads meet,

I stand confused amidst traffic,

While the breeze turns me into a piano,

At the very moment arrives the convent bus

Like a musical box.

Little Christ’s, Krishna’s, Allah’s

And Guru-maharajas fill the bus,

Which moves along like mini-India.

In a flash it is gone.

I pick my hopes from its treads

And bring home my dream tightly bound,

And through the night

I sleep serene

Sucking the thumb of heavenly future.


Telugu Original : ‘Aakaasam Kinda’

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