Are same-sex couples legally empowered?

-Suchithra Pillai

          June is celebrated as pride month to commemorate the ongoing pursuit for equal justice and  years of struggle for civil rights for the LGBTQIA+ community. Though it’s been celebrated since 1970, the support still remains passive in many countries. Around the globe, only 29 countries recognize same-sex marriage. And it’s demeaning to note that even after being one of the fastest developing countries, India is not part of the list. People belonging to LGBTQIA+ community who are of Indian origin continue to face discrimination in person and are also impaired due to the legal system.

          Decriminalization in 2018 in India was definitely a historical move and it did spark hopes but did you know that same-sex marriages are still illegal in India. Their basic rights are questioned and the hassles faced on the path to freedom remain countless.

          Right from the acronym – LGBTQIA+ to the different aspects of the community, the majority of people around us are ignorant to it . The spectrum includes Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Trangender, Queer, Intersex, Asexual, and more, which forms the LGBTQIA+ community. Their rights movements speaks of nothing more but to have the same basic rights as any other member of heterosexual community. Unfortunately, people belonging to the pride community are disdained by prejudiced minds, depriving them of jobs and dignity .

          They are denied the quintessential features of societal living that pose hindrance to their existence. Right from renting a home, having a joint bank account, to not being able to sign consent forms for medical procedures; the partners in this community are not considered as legal spouses, who are entitled to hold a legal agreement together as a couple.

          In many cases, they also face disownment from their own family. Not just society, relatives and parents shun off ties after the discovery of their child’s sexual orientation. Though we have people belonging to the community coming out and explaining their stand, parents of the community always remain silent and this can be cited as the prime reason for ignorance amidst pride parents and society.

          Tell-A-Story aims to break this taboo with its latest video story, where it proudly presents an incredible love story of a same-sex couple that traverses an amazing journey of their self realization, legal empowerment, and for the first-time ever an exclusive interview with the proud father of the same-sex couple as he talks about discovery of daughter’s sexual orientation, and future ahead.

          Through an intriguing narrative, the video sheds light on the normal lives of lgbtqia+ people, their point of view, legal hassles in the path and a parent’s take on his child’s romantic orientation. As we celebrate this pride month, it is our responsibility to be aware and to spread the message of equality because love is love and humanity is above all.

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About the author: Tell-A-Story is a venture into video storytelling, founded by Suchithra Pillai, who comes with over 15 years of experience in the field of journalism, exploring and writing about people, issues, and community stories for many leading media publications in India and the United States. Video narratives along with thought-provoking content in less than 5 minutes, to engage and entertain the audience, is its preeminent vision.

Social Media Pitch: Have you have ever interacted with LGBTQIA+ community? Did you know that their marriage still remains illegal in India and the legal hassles faced are countless? Many of us must have thought what their parents have to say? Here’s an exclusive interaction with the father of a same-sex couple as he talks about the discovery of his daughter’s sexual orientation, lows and highs, and the future ahead. Do watch, share the video, and spread the word, as many in the Community need societal support the most!


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