Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


Under the Shower of Honeyed Poetry

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: Munipalle Raju

When the heart turns to a battleground

When the battle itself is the essence of life

The serial of aesthetic dreams split –

Splintered fine dust of broken glass

Liquid honey slides smooth on the scene

The throttled voice of the time

Hangs topsy-turvy like a bat in the cave.

Oh, whence came this lighted eye!

Why it leads the inner nirvana of mine

To an unknown world somewhere out,

And seats me on a swing of tender leaves?

Why it paints the anguished seas of faceless woes

With moonlight fragrance of incense lots?

Then comes the peacock dance

Ballet steps of wild abandon

Inspired by rhythmic sights and beats

Overhead clouds emitting thunder and light

An earth worm wriggles in the slushy mud

But the lighted eye teaches it the peacock dance!

How it ignites the sentiment humane

Building a ladder… step overstep

From the inner heights to silent intensities?

How to guess who was the lucky first

To hug this dynamic chisel of script

From mere burning and blazing

Convoluted to path finding and singing?

The little ruby flower blossoms in the grass

Its life is short … a momentary beauty

A child of thrill and intense excitement

But I lose my heart to this tiny star!

Whether in eager longing of mind

Or fascinating passion of the soul

It follows like a shadow and

Animates the being like a striking force

A waterfall on the beads of bones of back

How wonderful to feel beyond all worlds

To master the art of gifting this life

Of reflections and reveries to lyrical slant

Or to reborn as the controlling thread

Of this flying kite of muse

To pay tributes to the priceless boons

Of aesthetic movements and

Burning responses of spiritual honey

Both racing like mercurial flows.


Telugu Original : ‘Kavithvapu Thene Vaanalo’

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