The Streaming Dawn

                       English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar Telugu Original : “Pravahinche Suryodayam” by

Dr K.Geeta

Received dawn you sent yesterday

I’ll hand it over to you by tomorrow mornl

Birds set out to a flight

The lonesome jungle crow cawing hopefully-

Something she’s reciprocated

Oh, the night hugged you with snow

A dewdrop hung on a leaf said

How sleep is more comfortable than wake

She makes me keep nearer to my ears and says sweet nothings

Makes you a pillow and sings a lullaby quietly

The moments hung with anguish fly away suddenly

By joining hands with sleeping spree

At some time when a call made calling by heart

Like a blazing Sun in the noon, You say-

“I’m in a meeting-call you later”

When it was eleven with the midday sun

“It’s dark and sleepy” and say, “the chill is killing me well”

I don’t know how you’re there beyond those seven oceans

I wait incessantly on the cell whole day that rings once a day

A couple of parrots lost in chirps freely on branches

Pairs of sparrows building the nests with responsibilities

Rows of squirrels chasing each other

They catch the fading

moon deftly and glue it as my memory

on your sleeping cheek

The morn that you sent with snowy-wet warming my heart

By tomorrow morning

Like a ray it travels into your heart


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