Walking on the edge of a river-10

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

10. My mother used to be there……

My mother used to be black in colour
But she had a cool mind
My mother had long hair
But still always moved with knotted hair

My mother used to have a beautiful waist band
But it was always in bank loan
My mother’s nose used to have a rude nose ring
But still she looked as attractive as supreme mother

My mother used to have gold bangles full on her hands
But they all used to melt for our future
My mother used to wear from her younger days gold laced sarees
But still she used to conceal our childhood in her saree folds

In my mother’s mind a conflagration used to kindle
But she used to move behind the silence ash
My mother used to carry the ocean of troubles
But she used to give in her words the wet love

My mother like goddess of food used to feed many
But still fluttered for last bites
My mother had given in charity many times with her golden hands
But never stretched her hand till the end in front of anyone

My mother used to swim the ocean tears within
But still used to look as if travelling in a boat of smiles
My mother used to distribute light to all
But she remained always in shade only

My mother till yesterday was with us
But now kindles inside us only


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