Nothing like a so-called failure

-Sri sreya kurella

They speak a lot 
When you are at the lowest point of your life.
They comment a lot about your past actions,
And try to form the reasons for the pain you are facing, 
They try to depress you with their words,
To make you feel low at the hardest phase of your life, 
They want to prove you as a failure,
When you are suffering in your life.
But darling! 
They turn back and hit the wall they built to make you fall,
When you smiled and crossed the hardest phase of your life with your confidence and self-love.
And that remains forever,
Your victory remains forever,
Your bravery remains forever,
Your success remains forever, 
Every step you took is just a part of your growth,
There is no such word as failure in your life.
You may fall,
You may climb,
You may jump,
Or you may take a pause
In your life…
Everything counts as a part of your growth
but nothing like the so-called “failure”.


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