Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi



Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: J Bhagyalakshmi

It is not possible to travel smooth on any path
One comes across ups and downs, twists and turns
Before a man dies totally
Little waves of death confront him
Some unnatural race chases life
As if stopping at a traffic signal for a while before moving ahead,
As if running away from a dream,
Or running out of a circus tent
Yet one has to keep a little life alive everyday
Even if one does not attain oneness with divinity
Even if one does not fly at the crest of a lightning
One has to weave patterns
Like a weaver who works fast
With ease on his loom
One should walk without a fall
Till one realises the secret personality
That is entangled in the secret layers of life
One has to cross any number of deaths
Till one squeezes juice out of life
Converting into two drops of ink
To place a poem after a poem
Even if the eyelids are tired and are about to close in sleep
Even if the body is withered and the throat is dry
One has to hold on to a poem’s foot
And think he is travelling in time
But should not be under the illusion that it is death
One should shine forever
Like the morning Sun
That emerges out of billion darknesses
One should not bury one’s life
Like an owl in a cave
One should emerge time and again
Like a fructified seed
That comes out as a sprout form the earth


Telugu Original :‘Molaka’

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