Music of the heart(poem)

Telugu Original: Mandarapu Hymavati

EnglishTranslation: Syamala Kallury

Handicapped -blind
You need not sing songs of sympathy
You need not play violin’s piteous sigh
With sad note –
Of all the senses eyes are primary
One cannot have life without eyes
Don’t push them into the wells of depression

They have to just raise their voices
It is a waterfall, sweet nectar-like music
As they sing they remind us of divine rishis
Narada and Tumbura
They nay not have eyes, their body is
Full of music,
Every cell in it reverberates
With melody, wonderful.

It is Ganga’s rise and fall
As they raise music level
On the vast paths of the sky
In the locks Lord Siva
On the summits of Himalayas
They raise up like a wave
Then descend on earth
Flows as Ganges of Haridwar, quietly
Opening doors to the Gandharvas above

A feeling of thousand peacocks dancing
With wide-spread fans
Countless butterflies flying at a time,
The moment when unknown comfort
Soothes like a decorated arch of tender leaves
Blossoming on a mind that was broken to pieces
After being hit repeatedly
By the harsh blows of an axe
The mind crushed under the weight of
Boulder called sorrow
Turns as light as a bird’s feather
In the hustle and bustle of daily
The rush of life in the dark caves
The wonderful sight of lamps glowing
On both sides, one feels
In the raining parijatas of notes
As one gets drained in the music
One forgets their blindness

Even when their nose and mouth are not deformed
Even when all their limbs are in order, they,
Like a Hercules
That carries the burden of World’s sorrows,
Living in the dark shadows
They like the clouds that carry their tears in them
Theseare a thousand times better?

With hearts insides
Eaten by inferiority complex
The dwarves shrunken, and weakened
The mentally retarded multitudes one side
These, the Tyagarajas practicing the raga of confidence
Winning the world
Are the musicians singing mesmerising tunes!
Magicians creating magic spells with sound.

(After listening to the music concert by blind artists)


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