Tempest of time (poems)

-Kondapalli Niharini

Translated by Elanaaga

7.Farmer Couple

He becomes a plough
to till the land in sowing season;
she transforms into a basket of
cold food in the red hot sun.

He becomes the toil of
the tilling harrow in his field;
she walks behind him
to sow the seeds dexterously.

He makes water flow to the field;
she becomes the skill of weeding.

She is the spirit, hands out fertilizer bags;
he sprinkles the contentsin the field.

He reaps the golden crop with a sickle;
she makes the sheaves into a big heap.

He is the vigour of thrashing the bundles;
she has the skill to winnow the chaff from the grain. 17

He exults at the sight of the bountiful yield;
she concurs, becomes food for the family.

He makes furrows with a harrow in dry land;
she behind him, dropping theseeds.

He walks toward the orchard with panache;
she arranges the fruits in the baskets.

True, he is the backbone of the nation,
brings the glory of the country no doubt;
she follows him like an epaulette
clung to his shoulder.

He who sweats out in the
farming season is the real farmer.
His wife always toils, immerses in work,
And achieves flourish in life.

(Published in SookshmaKavyam, an anthology of poems)


(To be continued-)

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