Poems of Aduri Satyavathi Devi


The Song of a Cataract

Telugu Original: Aduri Satyavathi Devi

English Translation: NS Murthy

When I start piling up words
I lose my being and identity.
Like a cloud drifting with the wind, I know,
Yet, I show off my ego and status.

When that man assumes silence,
He has bottled up the fire of frustration,
His insults and the swelling emotions.
He carries the burden of life with great endurance
Ready to sprout in compassion.

The amphibious I,
Like the frog in a well,
Climbs step by step
Gathering each of you one by one.

He thaws his silence in pieces,
Aiming sharply at his life
On the window of ambitions.
Harvesting his looks as sun’s rays,
He turns his thoughts into fruition.
He, who crawled at my feet till the other day,
Now rises suddenly and flutters like a flag
On the victory stand.
His songs of freedom
Fill earth and heaven,
And he rolls like a cataract
Right across the hearts of the people.

Time unveils him as a seat of learning,
And I bury myself as a blade of grass… somewhere.


Telugu Original :‘Jalapaata Geetaavishkaranam’

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