Tempest of time (poems)

-Kondapalli Niharini

Translated by Elanaaga

15. In this Battlefield

She is a flutter that made virility
smoulder in the field of war;
the lustre of gems she is.
She kindles the light of erudition,
and the flourish of hard work.
So she is not a policewoman,
but a policeman!
She completes arduous training,
Faces a test full of hypocrisy,
obtains certificates
and wields the thought baton.
She is a safety wall for the arena of trust.
She is a lady of police.
If she holds a pen in hand,
decisions emerge with dazzling light.
If she starts wielding a baton,
justice is meted out on the spot.
Be it lifting the baton or firing a bullet,
she does so to achieve the aim.
She is a restive lake overseeing
law and order, glows of spirit.
A refreshing cool breeze as well.
She is a resplendent image of embers
in the choruses of villagers’ songs.
She is the queen among furious beasts;
is meant to curb the despicable misdeeds
in the jungle of human society.
She declared that not only a king
but a queen too can rule.
She is a lady of police.
Her message:
wrongs must be corrected, doing so is a sacred duty;
natures must be amended, only then can we get the victory.
She says, “Each of our chariots is a vehicle of progress.”
The profession is a challenge for her,
responsibility is always her asset.
She is not a policewoman,
but a policeman! She is… she is.

(Published in an anthology of poems on policewomen)


(To be continued-)

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