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Diary of a New Age Girl


There are many things that make us distinct from one another. Our skin color, eye color, body type – every tiny variation in our genes. But there are some things that are not measurable or quantifiable, like a person’s ideas or their status in society. I think that one of the most incredible distinctions is someone’s background. Regardless of who you are, you have a story to tell that is unlike anyone else’s.

My story is a rollercoaster from the very beginning, both externally and internally. Every experience taught me something new and changed my perspective, and every experience has led to who I am today.

Today, I am a sixteen year old high school student. I am going to be a junior, which places me as an upperclassman – someone who is meant to be a role model for younger students and overall more responsible. Or so they say. I have a passion for the fine arts. Music, theatre and writing have played a role in my life from a young age. I like Shakespeare and poetry, and find American history to be fascinating. That’s not to say that I’m unlike other teenagers. I play video games, obsessively watch every Marvel movie upon release, and I spend a lot of time on YouTube. In two years, I will be attending a college or university, as many high school graduates choose to do.

But how did I get here? That’s what I’ll be writing about in this column. With each episode, I will be sharing part of my story. The good, the bad, the ugly…and, of course, the most precious memories of my life. Thank you for your interest, and stay tuned for my first episode, where I’ll talk about my beginnings in America, back in 2008.



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