Curfew…  (Telugu Original by Bharati Kode)

English Translation: Nauduri Murthy

Telugu: Bharati Kode


Sometimes it happens like that…

There will be a ban on greetings and consolations.

A writ soon issues

That dreams should not cross the threshold of eyelids

And even a film of tear should not blur the eyeball.

It perplexes who the criminal is, and who gets sentence.

Spring visits innocently at its appointed hour

But the woods refuse to go abloom

Poor Clouds! They come together to quench the thirst

But people turn to statues that have no longing for it.

God knows which divine curse befell them!

The interdiction continues amidst doubts and ambiguity.

It confounds whether one would survive through

Or live as if every breath is his last.

Yet, heart pretends to beat as though everything was all right…


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