Kevalam Nuvve

Telugu Original: Vasudha Rani

English Translation: Kalyani Neelarambham


 I was taught to devote my life to do

Your  bidding , but I didn’t know how .

In all innocence I offered milk and fruits .

But ,sadly , You never touched  them .

You didn’t even look at my offerings

So  lovingly kept at your feet .

I wept and wondered what gifts 

Would please You , and then

When I was about to faint with hunger

Like lightning it hit me ,I only need to

Feed the hungry to reach YOU .


To reach You I need to look into myself ,

Question my thoughts and beliefs .

Pride and Ego ,I know , certainly

Would drive me away from  You .   

My search is for You and for

The unknown Me in me .

But to know who You are 

You must tell me who I am ,

And I must  unravel  this bond

Between You and me .


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