Gaint Wheel


It was a busy day where my sister and mom were shopping for some home stuff. As I am not a person who loves shopping. I am a bit bored. We travelled  the whole day on buses. At the end of the day I somehow convinced them to explore the famous exhibition which is on the way. Its “Numaish exhibitions”  held once every year in hyderabad.

It’s almost 6pm where we paid the ticket and entered the exhibitions. It’s a huge exhibition with many people. Everyone is busy shopping, eating street food and playing games but my only eyes were on that “Big Giant Wheel” which is visible to my eyes at the end of the exhibition. It’s so huge and people on the wheel we’re screaming out of joy and fear. I was very excited to have a ride so I somehow convinced my sister to come along with me and we jumped into one the empty room of the wheel, it was ok while the wheel is moving upwards but when we are at the peak that feeling of downward revolution feels the same as leaving our heart for a second. The thrilling part is that the loading and unloading of people down leaves us high in the air with the seat rocking which can be a little scary. My sister was screaming but I somehow managed to be brave on the outside though I am pretty scared. We had some great views while we were at the peak of the revolution, the night view of the city with cool breeze on top of the giant wheel with mixed feelings is a priceless experience one must witness.

This is the view from 80 meters above the ground from the “Gaint Wheel”

“No one is afraid of heights, they are afraid of the fall so, just explore.”

and I felt this quote.


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