Telugu Original: Dr K.Geeta

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji


I have seen all the colors here —

Not in the sky — But in the people walking the earth —

The color that helps recognize just by looking at you

Your facial features — Your identity

Whether you are an American Indian

Or Asian Indian! 

How far back should you go back in history for your identity?

Where are your roots?

What’s inside if your body is peeled?

But strangely, Chinese if you are from China,

Russians if you are from Russia,

Indians if you are from India become your relatives.

“All are equal” –What a superficial truth!

Deep within

The stares that degrade your language —

How is it that you are an officer if you speak English

And a servant if you speak Spanish?

The place where the land is yours

The place where your mother tongue becomes a dead language

Foreign culture

Foreign conditions

Your recognition

Your color — Your facial features — Your tongue

This is the first world! 

The people who anchored liberties on your tomb

Day to day immigration to dream land

The great land of opportunity

Came to your country to make money and calls you untouchable


I have seen all the colors here

In the changing expressions just by looking at me —


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