Beauty of Mehandi


Mehandi is a temporary skin art decoration mostly performed in Indian sub-continents. Mehandi is a dark green past made of leaves of henna plant. The leaves are crushed into a creamy paste and applied on hands beautifully. This traditional indian herbal art form which is applied on bare skin symbolizes celebration of happiness and beauty, Its applied at every good Occassions and festivals.
I personally gets very excited to apply Mehandi on my hands, getting beautiful designs of Mehandi done on both hands even on no occasion gives immense pleasure. I pamper and smell my hands frequently and love watching the reddish brown colour designs on my hands.
The reddish brown colour stains on skin due to the body heat. This colour stain lasts for two to three weeks depending upon the care a person does. It helps to relax the body through the cooling effect it has on the nerves which calms the soul and relax our mind.
One of the important event in Indian’s marriages of every religion is Mehandi function. Where every lady of the family and friends including the bride applies Mehandi and celebrates the whole night dancing and enjoying the music play games like Antakshari. This generally takes place on the night prior to the wedding day. The bride applies extensive henna patterns done on her hands till elbows, the bridal patterns are done mostly by skilled henna artists because, The tradition holds that as long as the henna stain appears on the hands the bride does not have to do any household work. Also believed that the darker the stain the better she will be loved by her husband.

The beauty of traditional henna art is always celebrated.

The hands in the above picture are of the bride captured at her wedding.


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