Dumbarton Bridge 

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

There –

Sky bends back and touches the feet with its head

From a distance, it looks like an eagle bowed with its wings widespread

As long as we travel on the bridge

It looks

Like water and soil are battling

Like Godavari bridge in disguise is shivering

Glittering water on both the sides

Distantly, bridges helping on either sides

Like cranes falling into the Godavari islands

Seagulls, like toy planes floating


Water taking over –

Dumbarton Bridge like the head ornament of peninsula

Sailing boats around, palm trunks are nowhere to see

You can’t find steamers filled with people and kids swimming in search of coins


Water taking over 

Glittering waves of water –

One and half minute of crossing the bridge

My heart disappears from the car window and somersaults in the air

I felt like banishing the vehicles and lie on my back

Looking at the sky

Like Papikondalu came forward

Fremont hills stand facing the water after getting down the bridge

Water on both sides gush in competition

Like they might swallow the road

Water and land with winning spirit

Keep fighting

In the fast car race,

The heart loses and remains behind

Everytime I cross the bridge

The feeling of failing to cross the bridge continues to hang on to it!


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