War a hearts ravage-3

English Translation: P. Jayalakshmi & Bhargavi Rao

Telugu Original : “Yuddham oka Gunde Kotha” by Seela Subhadra Devi

Earth like a fledgling bird 

wings folded in, caved into herself                            

in the disturbed or disguised sleep

through crescent eyes 

sees amid the sky, 

men, eyes without a wink,

hang out by fear fangs. 


When self-possessed Buddhas

vowed to penance for years

rain nectar, grace, through half-closed eyes,      

unperturbed, despite

smiles showering through blossoming lips,

were blown to smithereens mine-busted,

punctured the heart–

then itself reared war’s ugly head.


It can be Masjid at one place

The Thathagatha at the other,  

temple at one,

yet elsewhere

skyscrapers standing resolute and royal,

presuming to puncture the sky                      

possessed of arrogance and imperial might.


Hard on,

broken needlepoint

entered life’s flux unaware.

Anxiety in eyes like a tender layer wove over

when landmark structures were crashed.

A gnawing needle’s pain                         

dagger-like galled the heart,

as crowbar left on life livelong indelible stamp.    

Then itself

seismic waves of chaos raced to collide

with windows of world humanity’s heart,

causing current of bloodshed.

Tidal wave rose high all at once, 


ebbed in quiet surrender to violence.

Like saints soliciting shelter in silence

ebbed too men’s hearts turning wise,

left self’s inner temple empty.

….                 …..                     ……

Religion is creating a bridge of swords between men.

Forgotten that friendly hug’s

envelop of hearts in affection. 

Consuming war flames even consume 

moonlit nights that should captivate

hearts in friendship’s fragrance.


Henceforth, life’s journey, perhaps,

may have to be through

flaming fury’s redness, and desert sands.


To express a frank opinion 

hide the face behind a burkha of suspicion.

This is the condition!

Differences between men 

deepen into a chasm.

Every heart a rumbling volcano

distressing mind’ s calm placid ocean,

stewing volcanic fires;

fearing, turbulent thoughts 

showing as tears from eye corners,

all wear identical dark glasses.


In truth,

all indulge in politics to kill time.

Toss words back and forth

between mouth and ear.

As in a kaleidoscope

will continue to rotate words    

throwing up shapes surprising,

but words falsify heart’s feelings,  

speech will betray heart’ fear.

Then will forget to live life our way.

Not knowing where to turn to, religion, or

lend a hand to imperialism,            

immerse self in opaque confusion.


The heart beats humanely

continually affecting the mind,

but words between teeth bitten, 

regress beneath the tongue.


(To be continued-)

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