Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-6

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu 

6.Battle Field

Whether you are a child of sea
or Infant Ocean
you are ambidextrous!
Protector of destitute!!
Bosom friend!!!

You guided gait of flowers in grass
composed words for mute parrots
trained waves of dreams in art of singing
with full-throated ease.

You instructed one to turn into a weapon
looking at a blade of grass,
how poesy becomes well-armed
observing a butterfly.

Any number of manoeuvres
will leave intellectual in agitation
a sword wielder,
he never forsakes arms.

Despite knowing synonyms many
agitated sea is known as battle field
but not a pond of cranes
or lake of Little Grebe birds.

When you stepped out
forest followed you
as you galloped
hills raced with you.

When you approached trees
seeking shelter
sap green leaves spread canopy
fresh shoots swung in gentle breeze.

While you were fast asleep
ripe leaves descended to awaken and prepare you,
stepping regally as you became a weapon
dry leaves drifted to caress you
from top to toe, cautioning, and reminding the target.

You dreamt of keeping trees unharmed
they offered shield unstintingly
providing oxygen guarded you well.
You are a syllable of battle field
in scriptures of rights
for the drum beats that were sounded,
when a sabre was wielded as a quill
you functioned as a compass for
power harassed masses,
either in making forest a home
or moving around incognito!

You are an intellectual providing power
by stretching wires between poles,
progressive views for growth of movement!
A hero standing erect competently
facing harmful sunrays!
For literature and rupture
you extended a shape and sharpness,
you are child of sea!
You are, indeed, Infant Ocean!


(To be continued-)

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