(2nd Annual Issue Competition Poem)

-Suchithra Pillai

I saw a face today

Just a normal face

I don’t know who he was 

Neither did he knew me

But still we smiled

Strange but true

It happens to every one of you

Thousands of faces we see daily

Few we ignore, fewer we notice

But still they pass by us daily

Just a handful we remember 

Just a few we notice

But many leave a mark 

A smile or a smug

That lasts for a while

Neither we know who they were

Nor do we trace them

It’s just for a second or two

Still they become part of our lives

Unknown and uninvited

Those faces remain unknown

Sometimes not even recollected

Yet they are part of us

Somehow visiting our lives

Few enlightening, few gloomy, and few smiling

Making us wonder with awe

What to name them- these faces, those moments.


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