War a hearts ravage-10

English Translation: P. Jayalakshmi & Bhargavi Rao

Telugu Original : “Yuddham oka Gunde Kotha” by Seela Subhadra Devi

Between earth and sky

somewhere blazing rain of fire.

Heat of words radiates in eyes

redness of flames.

Within, overflows, intense anxiety acidified 

intestines rage aflame, agitate the heart.

Rising blood’s pressure 

pushes heart valves

moves, creates molten fire

courses through nerves

seething and throbbing.

In some place

if Masjids are demolished

in another, crosses come crashing down

yet another, if idols fall as rubble,

amazing that thousands of miles away

here, heads should roll !

And nations should come within fear’s grasp!

When muscle might and wealth

as sycophants with war zeal

echo through the world,

if strum nuclear armaments, 

tune kadanakuthuhala

not a surprise. Natural also 

thunderous rumble of their bombastic boast.

Lives insecure could be tucked away

within some parrot’s heart,

even so, it is unpredictable

when the sky canopied,

overspread with weapons

would blow which heart.

We can direct if they were to be men

but how can we, the demons?

One challenges he could

make world stand on weapon’s edge!

Another growing to any height dares,

dares to leap, knock out in air

digs with hands bare, to shake the ground!!

A terrifying twin-faced, dry-eyed frame–

neither, image of the other

nor moisture in eyes either,

not even a tear drop of ardor or humanity.

As leeches, both suck earth’s vital energy.

Leech, if it has to be 

whoever, how does it matter?

They had never tasted food 

from loving hands of mother perhaps! 

Amidst vultures’ flapping wing clap

patrolling skies despite midnight hour,

now and then

silence around breaking,

relentless bursts of metal hawks’ eggs

as firework blooms hitting,

stink of outrage

in all directions expands.

Swarms of germ-clouds creeping,

propagate and proliferate land 

in full measure.

What is that?

Thought, have been totally extinct

buried without a trace!

May yet be pulsating still, it appears             

within monster’s hearts, beneath vessels,

vessels inside hearts’ rotten compartments, or

in thoughts ghastly tucked away with care!


If it’s parade of arrogant might in war games, or

tenacious heart’s defiance of one, or

love of religion in a bigot over love of man, or

fly flag of death over temple cupolas,

more… still more… and many more.

It is alright….

we can pardon them…


what is this?

Offer people’s lives to feed poisonous germs!

Containing diseases in tight bladed compartments

thought as victory over death, and

we’ll breathe freely again!


spray poisonous germs to germinate on nations?

How demoniacal?

Must be work of him who in thoughts and

corporeal frame as well, rears venomous reptiles.

Must exist within fiery frame

loves not motherland

not even mother, only self.

Whoever, is the poisonous vermin.

Eclipse to nations

a shadow surrounding earth.


earth reduced to anthill of insects!

How pluck out this vermin

eating into man’s very consciousness!

If she could

a mother would have folded him

back into her womb, and

terminated life.

As such how many can scotch life

to stream this earth with terminations?


(To be continued-)

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