I call her Mama, My Dear

-Suchithra Pillai

Boundless love pouring throughout 

Miraculous power to heal all the pain 

The immense strength it has

I have always wondered it with awe


Hidden attraction, an inborn admiration

The mystery lies beneath the relation

The call comes across the miles

With just a mere thought in our minds


Voice like shower of rain

Draining all our unconquered worries

The care like a cosy bed cover

Wrapping us all over with love


Strong shoulders bearing all the pain

Right from bud to days of bloom 

With doors open all the time

Welcoming us to bury all our sorrows


Just a tear in our eyes

She brings down the world for us

Looking on our each step

No mistake misses her mesmerising eyes


For all the scoldings I heard

I know the value now

For all the advice given 

It’s a priceless treasure forever


Divine glow shining from the face

Magicaz heal with just a mere touch

She is more than a god

I call her Mama, my dear mother!


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