English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

I took Thou from distance a painting drawn through brush 

But when come near

As if the sky shower the stars down sudden

Thy drape of sprinkles turned into

Cascading Waterfall

Thou exquisite beauty bringeth bumps on the body!

Rapt of stunning joy not to let the steps back!

How ready You’re! O Bridal Veil!

Dashing down to Yosemite Valley!

Thou sight maketh blood gush and push us in!

On Thy slithering water foams I wish I’d tumble down!

Bridal Veil!

Tucking Thy water trails into plait

And I wish I could sheath flowers in it!

Moonlight that crept like vine at forest front

I wish I could have dabbled it on Thou!

We’ve no multiple hearts to fill

Thy rapturous sprinkles of joy

We’ve no numerous hands to cull

Thy flooding thousand springs of arrows

After all ! Those grueling pains!

Before Thy thousand blooming smiles!

Any World’s nothing when Thy rapt draped up whole!

I wish I could be a meadow flattened like a table land

Lying midst Thy stream around guarded summits!

Gazing into Thy eyes tilting aside

I wish I could smile like Thou in a cool rustling spree.


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