Red velvet mite

-V.Vijaya Kumar

Telugu Original- “Arudra” by Andesree

Like a crimson spot on a sacred soil mound

And a piety man praying to a holy ground

Like a falling rainy drop from the heavenly skies

And a fragment of radiant rainbow hues

Breathed into exquisite life

The bright red velvet mite

Walks like a morning bud

Wakes up on red soil bed

Beautified like a parrot beak

Blushed into a vermilion sleek

Like the palms reddened with henna flour

And enticing bloodshed hibiscus flower

Bloomer on the bosom of mother earth

You’re the blushing bloodshed mirth

Setting between the brows of a loving mother

You’re the radiant sun on the horizon

Like a cluster of Susan seeds broke out

And scattered on grounds apart

Picking up the coral beads from the coils

Through the cracked thin sheets of the soils

Like a toddler wrapped up in a rag

You’re a minute neonate velvet bug

Beware of hunting scary ants

Live until what nature grants

If you touch with finger tips

It will shrivel like Touch me not

Even a simple impulse it can perceive

The instinct is amazing and repulsive

Wonders are unbound of this cosmic plays

None can perceive with open eyes

Poets who chisel the lyrical marvels

Allure the world of words and images

Matter of hardly two weeks longevity

Yet it stands for sacred eternity

Where to compare the unparalleled sanity

Despite men make their run to centenary

Whose devise is behind it?

Of the destructive design of living spirit

Men who taught loving ethos

Brought Mother Earth to these pathos


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