War a hearts ravage-15

English Translation: P. Jayalakshmi & Bhargavi Rao

Telugu Original : “Yuddham oka Gunde Kotha” by Seela Subhadra Devi

Fury or summit

when two outraged sharp twin-horned beasts

challenge each other angrily;

some with arrogance blown heads,

some others, mad of religion;

when twin-headed serpents,

twin-tongued crawling reptiles

with their great hissings

fatten flames more and more;

when Satans, Hiranyakasipas

Black magicians, Bhasmasuras

all gain breath from mythologies, 

upheaving from earth’s deep sepulchers;

when volcano of superstition is ignited,

territories turn to cemeteries;

when human lives stunned 

become desolate vaults;

when human values abandoned

rise like puffed out ashen heaps floating in air;

when cities sink into earthy chasms,

when hearts’ oceans seethe as molten fire,

when men  become hardened figureheads,

when earth revolves in Bhasmasura’s hand,


yes hear, now 

to raise voice as a fresh leaf bud

to show us the way through the dark crematory,

for hatching one integral human offspring,

we need a mother’s womb.

In the sky or on earth

among elements in some retired corner

you Ahalyas stone cursed!

Lend us wombs to re-consecrate

this planet with humane touch and

people with human beings!



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