Into a broom, into a bucket of excrement…transformed..I

           Telugu Original : Jupaka Subhadra

Because of the crime of my birth on this soil

Because of the bad luck written on my forehead

I am the childhood

That is pulling a cart of garbage

I am the barren land where

The seeds of education cannot be sown

I am the personification of sorrow

Of an agricultural coolee’

I am the slave of a born slave

I am the sari that struck on

The thorns of draught

I am the creature that has deep rooted relation

With the soil

I live in spitting and in the filth

I lay on a torn cot and wrap

A sewerage canal on me

When the city in slumber at midnight

I metamorphose into a broom and a carrier of dirt

My life and prestige melts in the air merges on dirty roads

My slavery life does not cost of a small salt-stone

My caste lifts the faeces carries on head

I am the bucket of faeces


Hegemony of our own male

The wretched poverty

That made me to run into filth and faeces

The eternal miseries tied to me

When the moonlights banished me

I am the no-moon night

I am the burning wicks on earthen lamps


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