Eye opener Poem

-Anuradha Bandi 

Flow with things,
Be friendly with thoughts,
Imagine people and scenarios.
Flow with signs of love,
live with emotions and
Finally, Flow with ur feelings.

Baby trace life as it is.

In middle go through the interior of your heart and the exterior of your facts.
sometimes you’re infant, you’ll never
comprehend loops and curves of life.
No problem, bend as you can.
No problem, swim to your point.
Yes, exactly Stretch for a while and
stitch to the truth.

Baby don’t worry for sorrows,

they’re like almost your enemies or
like your bitter guests.
One day, flowing through your magic,
you may realize that there is no enmity or
bitterness for sorrow.


When you go slow at one constant for rest, you’ll know what varies till that.
So then you’ll know, how to close windows for bad souls and how to ruin your present.
Don’t pass many queries to unknown databases.
Sometimes you can’t be spared for what you retrieve.

Baby, don’t you know yet, that you are life processor ?
Yes my dear, You know operations.
You know systems of rectifying misconceptions.
And you know what to expunge and how to expunge.
At last You know what’s your permanent storage.

Baby fall for dramas.
Fall for floating facts.
Fall for every dark impression.
And fall for tender hearts.

Walk in life with your perception of poem.
Flow in life with your aromatic lines.
Slow at your heart touching melody.


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