Gift of Mom

                       English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar Telugu Original : “Amma Bahumati” by

Dr K.Geeta

Oh, my sweetheart!
Walking away from infancy
Now flourished into a mature girl!
I just bless you on your 18th B’day
With my ever-longing spirit
Of letters of my heart

When you are vaccinated first
You cried out at your top
The wetness of your tears on my shoulder
I welled up in my eyes indeed

When your fumbling feet
Ran towards me to the end of the street
The blood gushed on your kneecap
Is indeed mine.

The lisping of your sweet nonsense
Freshly flower unto my bosom every day

The reddened henna on your cute baby palms
Still hung up on my mental screen all these years

In a spree of disciplinary actions
I just forgot you keep track
But as and when you kept me aloof
The agonizing moments I spent
Though pricked somewhere behind my heart
When you become a dove
Cooing on my shoulder
The smile that bloomed on my lips
Still green

The love I have for you
Behind the words unarticulated therein
The love of a mother in welled-up tears

A girl means
Nothing but me!

You are the polestar
Sprouted from me!

When I see you
Stepping into your 18th year
Romping into the world of pleasure
I recall myself who made the dreams into ripples
And fly to the skies like a bird with possessed wings
I recall the courage which I have sewn the broken wings
With those thorns pricked all along

Beware of the world Dear!
The fangs of dark rambled in this unholy world
See the bright side every time
Wait for the rattles of a brook with all your ears
And then step ahead

At every step behind
There will be magnetic stones
And deadly serpents too
Not only the lurking vultures
There will be pitch-dark clouds above

Yet, get ready
Wherever the flame broke
Sprout like a streaming fountain
Whenever the storm upsurges
Raise the sails of your knife boat

When you stuck in the quagmire
Rose like a thunderbolt
When the struggle is inevitable
Blown like a torch

Remember whatever it may
Stepping up ahead is a must
I sew the glow worms on your plait
Like a lace of Jasmine flowers
Which I found all along my way

They guide you like landmarks
Whenever you overlook your way
I keep my past as an adornment
On your neck

Though I perish and depart
They defend you like diamonds


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