Oh my Gold…

                    English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar Telugu Original : “Bangaramanti” by

Dr K.Geeta

Don’t disturb Dad
Let him sweat toiling on
Meetings and chattings
The Herculean tasks
At home

Morning a cup of coffee
A fistful breakfast
A meal in lunch time
Some tea or a biscuit
At intervals
A small Chapathi
With dal or curry for night
That’s all!

Simple style
No hurry burry in life
A lucky guy
Who needs to trouble nothing of
Anything how the house goes on
Or how the things sets on
Even in the lockdown

Don’t disturb
Poor Dad had only two hands
And an immotile head
A Tech laborer sweats continuous
Mornings afternoons evenings

No issues from mother side
She’s highly skilled washing
Assholes of the infants even attending
Meetings through headphones
Keeps laptop by spice box
Follows timetable pasted on fridge
Checks everyone’s hungers and essentials
A multi-talented, ten-hand Maatha
A servant housekeeper
A Sprinter
A mother of all fine crafts
Keeps everything in order for all

Though it’s a Super Power
Half-life languished on Dependent Visa
Incarceration in House not a new pattern

Within four walls
Though she could build her own world
And tune it to her own willed
An assured word from dad
“My wife is Gold”
At least once heard
She bears his boulder
Not only on his shoulder
But also the whole world


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