Once in a Month (poem)

Telugu Original: Mandarapu Hymavati

EnglishTranslation: Syamala Kallury

The permanent address for my
ATM card is always my husband’s pocket
I forgot the pin numbers long time back
Like the memory of ancient life

In the days when the salary was
Given in hand
One day at least
The salary baby like a pet parrot
Would perch on my forearm

Thirty mornings of stress
Many many evenings of late returns
Looking forward to the pay day
From the end of the month
Was like waiting forgarland of poems.
On the evening of the pay day
With all the colleagues
Sticking the stamps
Attesting signatures
Counting the notes-
It is all like festive occasion.

After the dream curtain has fallen
After the stress of handing over
From my hand to my husband’s hand
It is long time since I saw the bouquet
Currency notes.

Like an annual offering to Lord Venkateswara
Every month I offer the salary
And stand, hand outstretched,
Before my husband
Begging for money
For my daily needs.


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