Let me be ME

-Manjeetha Kumar

Let me write
Let me muse
Let me be ME
Just me for me

I am a Girl
Not a Caged bird
To obey commands
To just live a living

Let me be free
Let me feel the breeze
Till my heart stops beating
Till my soul feels soothing

Let me pen down
Let me pour my thoughts

Neither for Awards
Nor for Rewards
Either for Fame
Or for Name

Let me open myself
To the pages of enlightenment
To quench my thirst
To cure myself

Don’t restrict me from musing around
Don’t say I am not earning
Don’t throw me in the mess of money

Let me trespass my own me
Let me conquer the inner me

Just leave me to wander
to be a part of wonder

Wish me not warn me

Send me not stop me
Let me touch the clouds
Let me reach the Dreams


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