Walking on the edge of a river-18

English Translation – Swathi Sreepada

Telugu original written by – Dr.C.Bhavani Devi

18. For me

Separated from its mother
When it was brought
I became its mother
Unable to walk slithering and walking
Looking scared woofing
When looking for milk
I gave it the milk bottle

Just moving every step
When it climbed the steps first time
I was so pleased
So many
Medicines and vaccines for its health
Now it’s an important member in my family
If I go out of city for a while
As soon as I come back
It rushes to me
Plagues me to hold it
If a stranger comes to its world
It growls
Not even its fellow dogs

Squatting by the side of my bed leaning on it
It looks at me with love faithfully
Whatever I feed, it eats
Who owed whom in the last life but
Now we are unaware of our races
The quality that lacks in human beings
Faithfulness is a boon given to it by god.

Throughout the life it lived for me
Its life span is less than mine
Whenever it looked at me with love
The grief in me proliferates
In the eventide when human kinships are vanishing
If I can give some of my life span to it……


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