English Translation: Penugonda basaveshwar

Telugu Original : Sarasija Penugonda

She’s been trying to erect a pillar
as a mark of her self identity
denied for decades by community

Bricks of self-confidence
are continuously kept wet
with relentlessly shed sweat

Sacrifices like a matchstick
to ignite ,fire particles, a million
n continue to glow like a cauldron

Expecting nothing in return
a restless warrior, rare of its kind
fights for the survival of mankind

heartbreaking humiliations..
Tsunami of pinching punches..
Innumerable instances of insults..

Everything is simply merged into
her heartbeat n breath, unheard
only to rewrite her ,fate, unwanted

Energizing work beyond exertion
is no new thing for her clever saree
which masters to hold the woe spree

With her quest for matriarchal society
she is not ,about any wonders, worried
but to reinstate it from the ,ruins, buried.


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