Telugu Original: Jwalitha

English Translation: Dr.Lanka Siva Rama Prasad


Eating is an art!

Some swallow public money

Some while away the properties of innocent people

Some digest revolutions

Some fry and eat the brains and minds…


Some eat well,

Starving their mothers and wives

No fun it is in eating one’s own food…

Real enjoyment is in robbing others and ravishing in style!


Sweet is the grass in the neighbor’s garden

Gorgeous is the girl; wow is the other’s wife, next door

Geniuses are the kids of others

If we rate and grade our own as inferior 

All about others seems wonderful

 Then plans can be prepared to claim

 to love, to hate and to eat


Precious time in public offices

Public grievances in Assemblies and parliament

Evidences in civil and criminal cases

Can be eaten on a platter!

Truth in the committee reports

Human values in the society

Can be walloped in a gulp!


Fodder, cement, iron, lands, money

Loans, reports, evidences, laws and acts ,

amendments  G.o.s

Murder prolong are                                                       2


What ever  may be the food variety…

Aren’t they the lives of some struggling

classes in society

Every time isn’t the woman that are oppressed?

 Every time isn’t the oppressed classes that are pillaged?

Justice draped, truth forged and foraged….

When the highest values got erased

What is there that remains to be proud of?


When it is not our feet,

We can advise others to walk on live coals!

Beware! There are jails for the revolutionaries!

If we file cases, either they are closed or quashed!

Cats on the wall we are all!


What if somebody’s house is gutted?

What if somebody is down the gutter?

What somebody is sprinkled and maimed with acid?

What is somebody is brutally sacrificed?


Nobody wishes to see

The bleeding sores on the injured thighs caused by heavy boots…

Nobody wishes to see

The painful  on the feeding mother’s breasts caused by bayonet ends….

After learning how to devour

After learning how to enjoy

The cushy jobs with A.C. room.facilities,

Any amount in manner 

One can have orgies and drink parties

Till the election time!


Master! ‘It is your teaching I am following and practicing’

Proclaiming thus if everybody who was effected

Begins their reaction and start eating you

The beautiful spouses in your houses

Your properties that are to be bequeathed to your 


Your own pleasures and comforts…

What will happen to them?

Prefer juicy prime cuts and cholesterol filled flesh to lean bodies

At least now, these starved millions have 

to get up and start eating



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