Telugu Original: Vasudha Rani

English Translation: Kalyani Neelarmbham

I garlanded You and felt so proud
But ,look at You , You created a garden
For me ,You sent me wild flowers
Filled with fragrance.Am I a fool to
Presume that you await my offerings?
In return for all Your gifts ,let me
For Atleast offer my heart.
You are not the only one who
Knows the joy of giving .
Me thinks ,I shouldn’t have chosen You   
But how could I question You ?
I can  only accept whatever is given ,
Every day I wait for you , I long for You
I pray  to You every minute of the day
You showed me I don’t belong here
But You are all that I have
Tell me ,is this true devotion ?


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One thought on “Garland (Telugu Original by Vasudha Rani)”

  1. వసుధారాణి గారి వ ‘కేవలంనువ్వే’ నుండి, కల్యాణి గారి అనువాద పదకవిత.. పదాల పొదుపు మేళా..

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