Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020

-Suchithra Pillai

2020 was definitely unique with so many unforeseen circumstances, but we all have emerged  stronger to face a promising New Year 2021! The year that went by may remind us of tough times, however it also paved the way for an array of amazing technologies that would revolutionize the future for sure.

Health was the center of attraction this year and it’s incredible to discover the upcoming innovations in this field. Right from painless injections, virtual patients to digital medicine, the findings are expected to create phenomenal transformation to the healthcare system, widening the scope for better treatments and speedy analysis.

Considering the major environmental threat in the current ecosystem – Carbon emission, new carbon neutral products have also been harnessed from renewable sources of energy that aim to combat climate change with zero carbon emission.

Converging the physical and digital world, the upcoming technologies open up a plethora of opportunities that would challenge the reality around us and ensure accuracy and efficiency in daily routine. 

Cost efficient Electric airplane , quantum sensors for early detection of calamities like earthquakes; one would be astonished at the impressive list of top 10 emerging technologies that have been introduced this year.


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