An Evening Where I Walk With Him!

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

Whenever we step out of the house

For an ‘evening walk’

My long lost

Childhood friend


Stands in front of me

An old

Familiar smile


That hour where

The one

Who never 

Acknowledges my presence

Becomes my fellow traveller

Quickly escapes

From time

And plunges 

Like a waterfall

That day’s stock market profits or losses-

Or office latest topics-

In his words


Become dangling earrings

To my ears

When he attentively listens to

The cute words

Of our lovely kids

I tell him

They gleam

Like thousands of moons

Behind his moustache

When we both


Along the path

Crossing the street

Turning the corner

Crossing the school

Crossing the children’s park

The gardens with blooming flowers

And the beautiful bushes lined up

In front of every house


At us

To the end of the street

All along the path

With starry eyes

That sparkle in the dark

The fountains

That cascade in the evening

At every step

Become artificial rain

Shining like rainbows

In the slanting evening light

And catapult

By turning into bees

With round water wings

The cozy conversations

We tell each other

Become coolers

To our brains that are heated

Due to the day spent in front of machines

And to our bodies that are tired

Because of the work pressure

The evening walk

Where the long lost

Inner childhood friends


Hand in hand with us

Laughing and giggling

Becomes a picnic everyday

Three miles become

Three feet

In the evening walk

Which changes us into being human

From being machines

Everyday renewing our

Wedding vows

When we forgot about

Each other


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