War a hearts ravage-2

English Translation: P. Jayalakshmi & Bhargavi Rao

Telugu Original : “Yuddham oka Gunde Kotha” by Seela Subhadra Devi

Humanity and inhumanity

difference is of prefix alone,

endless in practice, though.

Blotting out filiations and affiliations 

appearing to uphold cultural summits,

ridiculed social life,

ignored the vegetation on ground.

Scissoring thoughts, overzealous, midway

gave up reason in frenzy,

trampled humanity in man fully, 


in abode of world peace

wearing monster’s mask, danced

a heroic dance of destruction!


Taking off for a spin in the sky  

desiring to be every heart’s visitant

shell shocked pigeons flying high,

while yet declaring, peace has no death

fall dead as gory flowers 

amidst rangoli spread portals of nations.


War seedling secured its first feed

when kinships were subdued 

and equations kindred, traded.


Soil, air and water

foster verdant green doubtless,  

yet none, owner.                     

War leafed out first 

when man quenched his thirst

from Corporate merchant’s hand.


World’s countries mindless

continue to cross bounds 

as boundaries unbound,             

trench earth

sow seeds to root war shoots.


It is that which now—

outgrowing man 

as a branched tree canopied

in war frenzy shaking,

in haste incomprehensible,

a blade of grass even, raising its head

is struck down as threatening its shadow.

That very moment—

peace pigeon’s wings went limp

with fiendish shadow colliding.


On ashes of burnt out dreams

hearts’ flowers pay homage 

to see morrow-light’s ray,      

but lost is heart bewildered

beneath collapsed structures somewhere.


Violent forces like invisible worms

belch diseases putrefied flesh feeding.

In centrally cooled rooms too

lungs fight hard to breathe, 

red desert dreams swoon, sweating. 

On goddess-like statue of Liberty

seeing ants cream-carrying,            

famed serpent leadership even,

in coiled fear trembles, and

X ray eyes open on all.

As future shows itself on screen

open out lines of anger red.

Just then a dew drop settles

streaked coral in unguent blood,

an owl sits as perched-death 

upon spreading action.


Grain-seeking immigrant birds                    

seeing branches breaking,

look around for support fear-faced.

Touching down on burning ruins

burn their wings, topple over.

Eyes sharp, watchful and vigilant,

fearing they become impaling daggers

flayed and flying,

seeing shade giving trees uprooted,

grow into still tableaus, spellbound.

Torching futures, came rushing

hunting for dollar seeds, ignoring

emptied nest of a mother’s heart

turned into an ocean of tears.

Alas! Look! Bhasmasura’s  handprints

in dream path of achievement’s climb!

Now, under cold gaze of death 

grope in dark,

fold in broken wings,                                 

quiver and shiver

lose identity in a land strange                

peck at grains under death’s cold shadow

like paraiah.


(To be continued-)

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