An evening in Rajamundry

English Translation: Madhuri Palaji

Telugu Original : Dr K.Geeta

Rajamundry’s evening from the grey colored sky

And filtered from each area becomes muddy

The tracks host the full stomachs and empty stomachs

From cold to hot, hot to cold,

Rajamundry exhibition Mary Columbus keeps swinging

Cricket ball settles

Below the feet of the stadium kid

The non stop train from South Central to South East

Splits the flooded Godavari while coming and going

If we cross the busy roads

Spanish Cherry tree like Bodhi tree welcomes to Gauthami Library

The boats that didn’t run on the shore

Effect the stomachs of running lives

From evenings of tea

Till evenings of chicken soup

They are separated in many ways

The signs of feet carrying water vessels being damaged

The breath that floats like soap bubbles

The platform nomadic lives that are darkened day by day

Hilly street stains

The fouls smells that give Rajahmundry lovely smell

Rajamundry evening

Busily prepared itself to sleep

Like the quick movement coming out of paper mill

Or spicy like the dal in the pot at the junction

Or with strong smell

Or in the silence of the newest colonies

The third bridge standing like mountain in spite of the lights and darkness

The non stop sound of the bells in the temples

Mother Godavari who observes time aggravatedly

Remain immortal lightening up Rajamundry

From neon lights

From the middle of the streets

Rajamundry’s rainy evening


Sultrily enters the houses

Reaches the heart and suffocated the throat


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2 thoughts on “An evening in Rajamundry (Telugu Original “Rajamundry sayantram” by Dr K.Geeta)”

  1. When poetry combines with nature it will definitely stole our hearts . Such a beautiful poem this is . Hope we will see your poems more and more on this page.

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