Our perspective is our reality


How cool is a Lizard’s life, do nothing all day, still scare people.

I remember when I was in my school, A friend of mine brought a toy lizard which looked exactly like the real lizard and used to prank on everyone. Even I was pranked once. From my childhood I am always scared of lizards so I used to bring home peacock feathers as they make lizards go away. My grandfather used to bring real lizards to scare me and used to make fun of me. When I gave it a thought why I am having a lizard phobia there is no valid reason. It does no harm, it has no sharp teeth to bite, nor barks as a dog nor smells bad. It’s Just that it looks weird? I questioned myself then realized that my mom always says when you touch a lizard it’s a sign of bad luck we must go and  take a bath. Maybe hearing these superstitious beliefs, I made up my mind from childhood that I am scared of lizards for no reason.

But there is a lesson it teached me: “we either control our mind or it controls us”, we must train our mind to see good in everything. poor little lizard it does not harm anyone.

Everything in this world is the way we see things in different perspectives.

For example, lighthouses constructed at various places in sea, enable the boatmen to avoid rocks and dangers and make them sail safely, just like that seeing with clear vision everything in a positive way enables us to overcome every huddle and problems we face in our real lives.

As Albert Einstein once said,

“The world as we have created it is a process of thinking, It cannot be changed without changing our thinking”

Just like sitting under the tree of thinking minds, wondering why we are not getting sunshine.

The above picture is captured in my home where a lizard is resting on the window curtain. It may not be a great achievement to say but to me it’s a proud moment for pushing my limits and to overcome the fear of lizards.


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One thought on “Our perspective is our reality”

  1. Yaa for every creation there is good and bad.
    My mind and heart also says to take good from everything then think about bad.
    As you said our perspective is our reality it 100% correct.💯💯

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