Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-7

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu


7.No More Patience

Below the bund you stand
above the same I linger
in between lies issue of lakes!
From fusion separation possible
in separation fusion too!
Friends turning foes
foes forging bonds
not strange in history.
Battle between Rama and Anjaneya
Sri Krishna  Arjuna combat   
tales from Ramayana, Bharatha     
are well known to all !
When extension is a natural phenomenon
a bud unfolds on its own,
as man advances
villages abound
cities too multiply.
Development, expansion diverse
like strength and bulge—
No seed was sown
nor nurtured a tree
lording over what has grown tall
ego display is annoying
for acquired stature.
Birth as a capitalist is useless one
with patience mother earth
with broad view of the sky
with reverence of breeze
with care of sunshine
with tolerance of water
never uttered a word all these days
with five elements as witnesses—
Tree branches as vital matter
birds that fly with freedom
stars that spread light
please reveal what is heard, witnessed, felt.
Where are wealth of cattle and cultivation
where are fallow lands that fell on bad days
where lies rosewater of canals with water?
Where do flames of tears leap in cemetery?
No need for countless queries
nor mysterious enquiries.
Just one question—
what’s your claim on what is mine?
All these days you were like elder brother
or like elder brother-in-law in their home.
Now we are deprived of a morsel brother, a morsel
living together is a flimsy term
togetherness on separation is today’s norm
no squabbles
no need to lose temper.
For better life of all
staying apart is supreme option.
Your lakes, canals,
your cultivable lands you take all.
Our historical monuments
our fallow lands
we accept what belongs to us.
Elders said companionship shatters track
friendship with you led to this stage
upper reaches of lake we demand
lake for us
that is our life’s source
hence this drumming of course!


(To be continued-)

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