-V.Vijaya Kumar

Telugu Original-Dr K.Geeta

You’re Seven Colored Raga

Why were you known mere Yellowstone unknown!

Where ever touched your body

Surging flames from inner depths

Bursting smokes and fumes

Thrusting of boiling bubbles 

Where ever seen

Ages of agony hidden inside 

Surging of seven shades of suffering passion

Welled up in crystal clarity

Where ever seen

Thousand tongues of airy snakes shot up to sky 

Through the womb of the earth

Uproars of high pitched sounds

Of Sulphuric waters with rancid stench


It’s Yellowstone!


When I see you I love you to hug passionately

The mystic exquisite beauty

Incapable of encasing in two hands

Can’t help it except hanged to eyes

Though I wished to caress 

Those cheeky bubbles with hotty warmth 

What can I do 

Except capturing in pictures

Your inner deep voice

In which I can’t plunge into


On the other side

The memory that shivered the body

Undulating on those ferocious waves

Your frozen chilling snow pond


Just in no time

Fall of torrents of cascading water

In meticulous speed of an arrow

Burst upon the scene

Through the meeting points of horizon


Though wondered where to nowhere

Except the missing beat of heart 

Nothing there


When cherished

Those strange horripilate quagmires

Except the  heart

Yellowstone! Yellowstone!!


Why did you hurt me 

By biting like a spotted mosquito?

Why did you make me suffer from fever

When I came to you like an infant?

Yet I am not angry at you

Or hatred upon you

As You’re like me,

Nope, Me too like You

Everything lay open 


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