English Translation: V.Vijaya Kumar Telugu Original : “Message Yugam” by

Dr K.Geeta

Our house-keeping girl’s arms and legs never keep idle
She fills her belly with dust on the floor
Spinning round and round
The washerman of our house has no legs or arms
He wraps up his stomach and sucks the dirt
If something went wrong with the brain
That’s in programming
You’d bear the money more and need to hurl a namaste
We are in computer phase
The fingers forgot to write in this age
Swallowed those beautiful letters in words
Words heard in a moments
Where Internet is important to commodities of needs
Messages usurped greetings
Facebook allows to creep on others Wall
Of Neighbors in anyone’s room
Kick comes with free likes for every minute click!

In the computer age
What in the house were not Four people
But Four machines
Upstairs to Floors
From room to room
Affectionate greets in throats
We sewed with threads of messages
Lots of tucked up conversations for days
In our machine worlds
Tumbling somewhere in the chat windows

Birth Days are just swapping cake dolls
Festivals are displaying photos on Social Network
Android phone for the kid
IPhone for the girl
Tablet for baby

In the machine age
Even though calling is far away
But we’re all in click away
Noicing stream in silence among us
We search the moon on YouTube
Grandmother’s house on Google
We breathe with Cell phones
Inhale with Internets
Home heater
Garage doors partially
But we humans totally
Turned into Computers
Sophisticated vacuum cleaners,
And not just to Washing Machines
Even to humans
No arms or no legs
No Hunger, no Sleep
Touch, Memory
Heart became descending drained wells
And words marshy messages


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