Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-26

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu 


Oh my Visakha!
You are a city like a hut beneath a hill
What is so special about you Visakha
to stay with you?
Except Surya Sikha’ room in R.S.Hostel where we stayed
what is so great about you?
Other than the Andhra University campus
that surrounded our room as a China Wall
what is so splendid about you?
But for the sea that embraces the campus for while
what’s your greatness—
Barring the undulating roads in city
that steer it alluringly
what’s there for us to stay with you Visakha
why are we fond of you?
Oh Visakha!
Salt water that quenches not our thirst is your life line,
in the salt water steadily surfacing
waves of fish offer you crown of glory.
Beholding the blue sea stretching to kiss sky afar
gazing at fabulous, luminous island of hotness
that bisected sky and sea,
watching free birds of bright rays spread on the deep
other than getting mesmerised looking you so lovingly
what do we and our people gain?
What benefits accrue to us by singing in your praise
except getting cheated by viewing your naked body!
Sitting in the beach, if one describes you from top to toe
do lotus flowers bloom in bleeding pond of our eyes?
Do banners of victory flutter at tips our fingers?
My intent is not that,
you are a guest house for visitors
other than that
what binds us to stay with you for ever?
Does it mean we will abandon you?
You are our compass—
missing you tantamount to forsaking our country’s liberty
losing you amounts to closing my pen;
just as a lover will not disown his beloved
I too can’t be away from you.
Since love survives
in attachment after absence
and parting after intimacy
we depart briefly
good bye Visakha! Good bye!
You may not bleed
but boil our blood certainly!
You might not have imparted art of fight
we acquired combat tactics from you!
From you it was learnt cowardice suits not conflict.
You are guru of Eklavya that I am,
how can I cast you off?
As my fee for you, my teacher
I am not offering an ear or eye
nor a finger or a foot —
my entire body I offer as oblation!


(To be continued-)

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