Bhagiratha’s Bounty and Other poems-29

English Translation: T.S. Chandra Mouli

Telugu Original : Kandukuri Sreeramulu 


I watch this sky and these waves
just before dawn—

A bow like branch of tree
if bent at one end, springs up the other side
way lost at dusk
searches dawn.

Not everywhere is bright
nor all is pervasive dark
visibly obscure mountain of ice
like a cyclone across the Metropolitan—

As flashy midwives of clouds
extend services
a pregnant lady goes through labour.

Like crabs in beach
creeping into hole in a trice
on hearing noise nearing
stars in sky vanished.

On the beach of an ocean
silently I am as an ant,
pleased with my penance
bright red on fringe of sky—
full size picture
like a close up click
appears so close to me.
As it rises on horizon
no path appears
to me sitting on shore
to measure distances.

Root of a tree is acquired
where lies origin of the Sun,
how to locate unseen sources?

Tell me
how this wondrous image possible
which combination of chromosomes did the trick?
If I had not seen it
I would have been upset.
Watching flashes of luminosity
of dazzling flow of a stream,
offering salutations at dawn
Nature welcoming heartily
is a great gesture!
Birds spreading wings
shaking hands with rays of light
on return at the fixed time
by a buddy who went previous day
itself is a great spectacle!

With sky on one side
waves, air, earth this side
ecstasy experienced
is an outstanding moment.
Just as exit is a norm
entry too marks commitment.
When destruction is on this soil
construction too here itself—
Perhaps exits are for entries
departures are for fresh arrivals,
source along with birth
permeates like earth’s rotation.

Since it percolated, water springs up
as it is sown a seed bears fruit!


(To be continued-)

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